Mom & Me Spay Program

This program is currently inactive since we do not have a veterinarian on staff but we hope to have it going again soon

Do you have a cat or a dog who recently gave birth? Can you not find homes for all the babies? We’re here for you!

A program for cats and dogs who have recently given birth.

Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society in partnership with Dog Adoption & Welfare Group will waive the surrender fees for accepting litters of kittens and puppies into our adoption program. The babies must all be from the same litter, be at least 8 weeks and under 16 weeks old. There may be a fee if Mom and babies are under 8 weeks old and they need to be surrendered for any reason.

We’ll provide a spay surgery for the mother, who then returns home. The spay fee is free and you just pay for additional items if wanted such as bloodwork, IV cathether/Fluids, vaccines, microchip, etc.  You can reach us at (805) 688-8224 or for more information.

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