Mom & Me Spay Program

Thank you for your interest in our Veterinary Clinic! We are working diligently to make sure the clinic is ready to serve you and your pets! Our clinic will offer low cost spays, neuters and vaccinations. Please check back here or on our social media pages for an opening date! Thank you for your patience!

Do you have a cat or a dog who recently gave birth? Can you not find homes for all the babies? We’re here for you!

A program for cats and dogs who have recently given birth.

Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society in partnership with Dog Adoption & Welfare Group will waive the surrender fees for accepting litters of kittens and puppies into our adoption program. The babies must all be from the same litter, be at least 8 weeks and under 16 weeks old. There may be a fee if Mom and babies are under 8 weeks old and they need to be surrendered for any reason.

We’ll provide a spay surgery for the mother, who then returns home. The spay fee is free and you just pay for additional items if wanted such as bloodwork, IV cathether/Fluids, vaccines, microchip, etc.  You can reach us at (805) 688-8224 or for more information.

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