Day in the Vet Clinic


Some animals come to us with more serious concerns, such as Birdie, a sweet eight year old Heeler mix who was not getting the medical attention she needed. Her owner relinquished her so that she could be treated. Birdie had severe ear infections, an immature cataract in her left eye and a chronic condition in her right eye that caused her constant pain. When she came in, we immediately treated her ears, drew blood and started treating the right eye in hopes that we could save it. Her blood work revealed that she is healthy older dog! Unfortunately her right eye did not respond to treatment and we decided that it was in her best interest to remove the eye. The procedure is called an enucleation and we do not take these decisions lightly. Because the eye caused her so much pain, we knew she would feel so much better after the surgery. Sure enough, sweet Birdie bounced back incredibly well and her attitude brightened. Shortly after surgery, Birdie was adopted by some very nice people and we are happy to report that she is doing great in her new home! are prepared for what each animal needs. Some of our animals come from outside our area, so we want to identify and treat any infectious diseases as soon as we can. The stress of being in a shelter can often cause animals to develop diseases that their bodies would otherwise fight off. By decreasing stress and keeping the length of stay to a minimum, we minimize the diseases that occur. Every shelter animal gets vaccinated according to its age, dewormed, microchipped and altered. We perform exams to evaluate for underlying conditions so that adopters Our public clinic operates three days a week and we offer low cost spays, neuters and dental cleanings. We also run a vaccine clinic and offer exams for flea medication, toenail trims and microchips. Our goal is to decrease pet overpopulation and by offering lower cost options we give the public a resource to obtain care. Our intention is not to replace your full-service veterinarian and we always encourage public clients to discuss concerns with their primary veterinarian. Depending on the age and health of the animal, we may require blood work and IV fluids for surgical procedures. We strive to offer gold standard care for each animal and want to educate owners about the reasons for behind these steps.

Contact our office for more information on veterinary care offered at the clinic, 805.688.8224. We have had an incredible year and we are appreciative of all the support we receive from our community!

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