Hi everyone at the Humane Society!

We are the family of 4 who adopted the mini-poodle & Wheaten Terrier mix “Flanders” from you the week before Thanksgiving. We wanted to give you an update on him.

We LOVE HIM. He is now named Kona and has become the BFF of our other dog (a previous SYV Humane Society adoptee from 2011), Max. They are inseparable. We have gotten Kona several sets of steps so he can climb up on our beds and couches to snuggle and sleep with us there, and he wants to be ON US as much as possible. He is a love. He likes to chase balls and things that squeak, and hates riding in the cars unless he can sit on your lap. He likes watching movies. He has an ear infection right now, but our vet says that is common for his breed and he’s being treated for it. He just had a haircut and is prancing around in his new ‘do. He is a delight and is quite spoiled.

Thank you for our new family member. We are blessed because of him.

-Mark, Candice, Lachlan, Henry, Max, and Kona

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