jo jo

Jo Jo

Just wanted to give you an update on Jo Jo. She’s doing so well and is so happy in her new forever home. And we’re so happy to have her as part of our family.

Geriatric? You should see her doing laps around the backyard. Just look at that adorable face! In doggy years, she’s younger than I am (and in much better shape!).

We are so very grateful for the all of the time, effort, and resources everyone at the SYV shelter put into this little girl in order to give her a second chance. I hope you know what a good thing you did and feel proud of yourselves for giving Jo Jo a new lease on life and for giving us such a joyful gift.

And if it turns out that we don’t have much time together, then we’ll all be richer for what little time we had.

Thanks from all of us for the work you do. You make a difference in this world.

– Anonymous Pet Parent

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